Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saving Money with Coupons...

Need to save or have little money for food/necessities, start couponing.  I started really couponing a few months ago and while I can't get to be an Extreme couponer as seen on TV, I have found that you can get items for free or nearly free. For instance I have a stock pile of fly swatters (40) and fly tape (60 rolls) mens and womens body wash to last at least a year for my large family, mens and womens deoderant for a year. Food I have stock piled pasta about 40 boxes and hot sauce approx. 25 bottles, I could go on and on all of these items I got for free with the execption of ordering the coupons and having them mailed to me. So when you are on a low budget all it takes is a little effort to look up the deals and order the coupons, here are two sites you can look up the deals by your store, and and them you can go to  and search out the coupons you want and order them. It's super easy and save's lots of money you may not need 40 fly swatters however they were free and I will never have to buy them again.  Check out these sites for the great deals.

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