Sunday, December 4, 2011

Homeschooling The Dreaded "S" Word...(Socialization)

The dreaded "S" word Socialization.  Do you feel like you are always defending why you are homeschooling do you feel like everyone thinks your kids will be unscocialized? Being new to homeschooling this has been the only issues I have come across is others making comments about my kids not being socialized because they are not in public/private school.  The fact of the matter is Homeschooled kids for the majority are very well socialized, just not in the traditional public school with 30 kids their same age on daily basis the advantage homeschoolers get to interact with people of varying ages, abilities, ethnicity's, and socio-economic diversity on a day-to-day basis in the real world. Here is some practical examples on how homeschoolers are socialized.

  • Homeschool parents model appropriate social behavior and teach their children how to interact and get along with others.

  • Homeschooled children participate in (and win!) math olympiads, spelling bees, geography bees, science competitions, and debate teams.

    Homeschoolers join choirs, orchestras, book clubs, athletic events, and they even go to homeschool proms!

  • Homeschoolers take classes and compete academically in community college, adult education programs, museum events, online forums, summer school, and at camps, etc.

  • Homeschoolers participate in community activities such as Scouts, 4-H, Little League, sports, youth groups, martial arts classes, dance classes, etc.

  • Homeschoolers volunteer in the community.

    Homeschoolers play with neighborhood kids from both public and private schools.

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