Thursday, April 12, 2012

Teaching Children Chores

I have found a cute fun way to help teach the kids their daily chores, thank you to Connie at for the idea. Using paint chip cards for chores has made it easy to get the kids motivated and to know what is expected of them for their daily chores.  No it is not done perfect I'm not looking for perfection but teaching them that life is work and we should just embrace it.  Do I get the daily complaining and whining of course I do but I just remind them the sooner we get chores done the sooner it is play time.  Most of the chores are done in the afternoon after we are done with our studies however they do have morning routines like making their bed. I want my children to contribute along with all the members of the house and want to help each other out now when they are younger and when they are on their own. God has given us these wonderful blessings and it is up to us to teach them.

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