Wednesday, August 8, 2012


As you can see I have not posted anything in a while.  I have been dealing with extended family issues that has literally brought me to my knees praying to God for the Wisdom and Patience to help all of us get through this difficult time.  While I don't want to disclose what has happened as I don't want anyone to be judged... We are in a situation that I NEVER thought our family would be in dealing with issues you think only happen to other people...Drugs...CPS...etc. Ugggg just when you think that these issues would never happen to your family.  While this is not in my household the issues surrounding what has happened has taken a drastic toll emotionally, I have had to put off homeschooling an additional 2 weeks as I am not prepared mentally nor physically.  God has definitely been the one carrying me through this. I will continue to trust GOD and his wisdom to help the family where I can during this time.

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