Thursday, June 29, 2017

Please share and Pray for us

Please pray for our family in this stressful time we are trying to keep our home we have had for 17 years. We are a very humble family and have never asked for help before we have endured many obstacles in life we are blessed with 8 living children I have miscarried 12 babies and had 1 stillborn son "Tyler"  life has had its challenges for sure but by the grace of god he has got us through.

My name is Michelle I am a homeschooling mom of 8 about 7 months ago I had my sister and her 6 kids move from Arizona in with me as some of her children have disabilities and were not getting the proper diagnosis out there so 7 months later they are back in Arizona and are getting the proper help since they were able to get diagnosed correctly here in Minnesota. My husband was the sole supporter of our family and hers for those 7 months during that time he was out of work for almost a month due to a thumb injury that required surgery so he lost a month of pay. With having to take care of so many people you could imagine the bills we were barely keeping a float with him working and with no pay we got severely behind he has since went back to work however we cannot catch a break in getting caught up we have utilized all resources possible family, county help etc. so are now facing foreclosure and shut off on our electric we are asking for help with just one and a half months of each of these bills. If you cannot afford to donate please pray for our family that the lord will guide us with his wisdom and knowledge. Thank you for your help and prayers.

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