Tuesday, November 28, 2017

My Backyard Chickens

The adventures of backyard chickens!  Oh my how we love our chickens.  Raising backyard chickens has it's ups and downs.  They are cute they know their names and purr like a cat when they are content "Adorable"!  The downside they seem to have the need to make it known to the whole neighborhood that they laid their egg, I was not aware of how loud they actually are even the quietest hens sound like a booming bull horn after they lay their egg. My Buff Orpington's, "Sargent Cluckers", "Gertrude" and "Drumstick" are about 7-9 pounds each and are good layers almost daily with a skip here and there.  My one little Silkie "Pebbles" is lucky if she weights 2 pounds and should start laying soon.  All in all they are fun, good entertainment and a good learning opportunity for my homeschooling kiddos.

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